San Antonio, what do you expect from the upcoming 112th Congress? We, as a people, should be able to expect that our legislators will pay attention to us when we communicate to them, write them, and get in touch with them, in general. They work for us. They appear to have overlooked, but with out tax revenues from the people, of the individuals and… Read More

Do you get upset when you can't view your favorite soccer teams perform? Did you know that when your satellite or cable provider fails to air what you want to watch, there is another choice? You can watch soccer reside on-line today. That's correct! You can watch soccer live on-line today and spend absolutely nothing more than a little charge to wa… Read More

I grew up before microwave ovens, fax devices, mobile phones and individual computers. I finally got a Mac in 1984. Ten many years later, a mobile telephone. I started operating a revenue consultant for the Yellow Pages in 1980 and figured that they would be about forever. But appear at us now. We are hooked on Google searches and Blackberries as o… Read More