The Nokia n8 is a smart and streamlined phone that has put Nokia back on the map. The n8 is made from anodized aluminum, which gives it a simple to tidy yet long lasting feel. This kind of aluminum covering permits stains to be quickly wiped, and makes the metal tough to scratch. One of the very best functions of the n8 is the 12 megapixel electron… Read More

Our trip went really efficiently, thanks to Dave Saunders at LondonGolf who organized the whole thing. He did an amazing job and, in basic, everything went as prepared. We did find out some things along the way that might be of help to anybody else interested in making the journey to golf's mecca. In no specific order.One of the big benefits to bec… Read More

If you did those three things, usually your house offered within a month or 2. Nowadays, it's an absolutely different market where homeowners are left holding onto their homes after sticking around with sale signs on their front lawns for near to a year or longer. Some are forced to lease after being and buying another house saddled with 2 home mor… Read More

Single motherhood. How does that noise to you? A strong, independent lady? A hard- nut of a missy, maybe, needing to deal with the significant job of parenting on her own. Well, that's one side of it. Beyond this scenario is also a person continuously stressed, or harassed, working her socks off to tend to her kids more than herself. And then there… Read More

Yankees fans are a determined lot. They are difficult, loud, enthusiastic, interested and totally in a dreamworld. Once again the Yankees have the highest payroll without a doubt. This year the team clocks in at about $195,000,000, without a doubt the greatest. Mentioning this truth to a Yankees fan is the equivalent of declaring war. You can tease… Read More